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Singing Master Classes

Singing Master Classes

The most beautiful and oldest means of expression is the human voice. The voice is the sound, spiritual and mental identity of man. A unique musical instrument, it is the only one in nature that lives and works inside the human body and that is why it differs from person to person.
Through the vibration of the sound of the voice in our body, blood circulation, brain function, heart, digestive and respiratory systems are activated.
With singing lessons and masterclasses, students learn how to heal with the vibrations of the sound of our voice. Through voice and breathing we learn to relax and release tensions. Thus the body is free to function properly and to be able to perform the vocal exercises. We also study the chakras and their properties and how through the voice and breathing with appropriate yoga exercises and therapeutic Reiki we help the energy to flow from our body and bring complete harmony. We study repertoire of all times as well as complete roles of the lyrical repertoire.
The vocal course includes vocal and breathing exercises, learning and performing opera roles, song cycles from plays and musicals.
Target Audience

  • To those who feel that there is something beyond our material body.
  • To those who want to feel themselves, help them heal and create, in art, using their voice.

I am addressing those who believe that only through mental and spiritual well-being can we be happy and define the hope for beauty and a better world...

Available Classes

There are no available classes. Check back Soon!