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Event poster for The woman in the univerce of Manos Hatzidaki

Music Event: The woman in the univerce of Manos Hatzidaki

Our international soprano Sonia Theodoridou with the female vocal ensemble POLYMNIA will present a special event on May 10, 2024.

A tribute to the songs of Manos Hatzidakis with the focus and theme of women. The woman in every form and expression. Mother, friend, lover, dreamlike pure figure or prostitute, cunning or innocent, complex or naive, the woman in the work of Manos Hatzidakis is captured in long, timeless songs.

Music Event: Hymns of Angels in the Rythm of men with Sonia Theodoridou and “Polymnia” Choir

The mayor of Peristeri, Andreas Pachaturidis, with joy and emotion invites you to the leading folk oratorio of Stavros Kouyoumtzis based on hymns of the Holy Week that captures the eclipse of the Easter days.

Event Poster

Musical Event: Hymns of angels in the rythm of men at Saint George Karyki (Karitsi) Holy temple by Sonia Theodoridou

Musical Event: Hymns by Sonia Theodoridou with "Polymnia" Choir and Alexandros Makris at the piano

Musical Event: "Hymns of Angels in the rhythm of men" by Sonia Theodoridou and “Polymnia” Choir

Musical Event: Hymns by Sonia Theodoridou and "Polymnia" Choir

Join us for an enchanting evening of sacred music! 

Concert Poster: Hymns of Angels in Rythms of men

Hymns of Angels in Rythms of men


Join us for an ethereal evening of music and storytelling on **March 24, 2024, at 18:30**, as the renowned Sonia Theodoridou brings to life Stavros Kuyumtzis’ folk oratorio *Hymns of angels in rhythms of men*. This captivating performance will take place at the Cemil Candaş Cultural Center Şişli Municipality in Istanbul.


Our international soprano Sonia Theodoridou, in a subversive artistic partnership with the excellent Michalis Sourvanos on guitar, create an exciting musical evening.

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